By 2025, Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce


Millennials, Generation Z, and other emerging leaders that are looking to succeed in today’s complex work environment choose the CLS Leadership Coaching and Development program.

From your choice of a 6-month or an accelerated program, the Center for LeaderShaping leads participants through an in-depth understanding of self-awareness, communication, cultivating relationships, team building, business acumen, agility, and decisiveness. The skills, methods, and practices of sound leadership are imperative to personal and organizational success.

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Business Acumen

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Team Development

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Emotional Intelligence

“As a millennial leader with virtually no formal training, I’ve struggled to inspire, to create the family atmosphere that originally attracted me to the company, and to help everyone else grow as individuals and professionals. After taking the CLS course, my entire outlook has changed. I feel like I have direction again, along with a renewed sense of purpose. We have since focused on team development and creating goals that everyone plays a role in achieving.

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