A Manager's Primary Responsibility

I hope you were able to spend some time this past week working at more effective communication. This skill alone can make a positive impact in every area of your life.

This week we are going to review what I see as a common issue and have certainly experienced in my own career. Many bosses or managers do not realize that coaching, mentoring, teaching and managing employees IS their primary responsibility.

All too often I see people in leadership positions who treat the “leadership” part of their role as if it were a secondary or tertiary responsibility. This of course is evident if you measure the success of the teams that they lead.

While it sounds obvious that things go awry when leaders do not lead, I am surprised at how often I see team and employee related issues that stem from this common problem. Leaders who allow meeting schedules, to-do lists, and projects to continuously take priority over the role of leading are unable to develop and sustain high functioning employees and teams. 

When the responsibilities of leading are not met there is a negative impact to employees, clients, and the overall organization. In the face of absent leadership, employees are left to “self-manage” and therefore are not able to develop continuity or foster alignment with departmental, divisional, or organizational goals.

Unfortunately, many organizations see those who manage others as individual contributor first and leader second. It is up to the leader to properly set expectations around priorities and expected outcomes.

Leaders must continuously ensure that their priorities are properly aligned and that they are focused on leading as a priority. The practice of self-regulation in this area is a must so that you may course correct and realign for the benefit of your employees, teams, and the entire organization. 

“Of all the things I’ve done, the most vital is coordinating those who work with me and aiming their efforts at a certain goal.” – Walt Disney

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