Power Comes From Within

Happy Halloween! Leaders who think power comes from an external source, such as money or their job title, are very scary!

This week we will look at how great leaders view power and more importantly where their power comes from.

It does not matter if we are guiding and leading children, communities, businesses, congregations or governments. If you have taken on the responsibility of leading others and view power as external, you are doing a disservice to whomever you are leading.

When we view power as external we tend to think of power as being synonymous with money, position, and control. This sets us up to behave in ways that are more combative than collaborative.

Time and again I hear the term “conscious leadership” and I am delighted at the growing awareness of the importance of this concept. Conscious leaders understand where their true sense of power comes from such as their core values, selflessness, and integrity. Once we are able to embrace and understand the concept of power as being internal, we can then guide and lead others through this same journey.

Great leaders are open, receptive, curious. They spend as much time investigating and navigating the internal landscape as they do the external. When we re-frame how we view power we permit the opportunity for something new and extraordinary to emerge.

This week take some time to review your thoughts around power and more importantly your own personal “power source.” What is your definition of power? Where do you think power comes from? Are those thoughts serving you and others?

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