The Growth of Women Leading the Workforce

This week we will take a look at women’s role in leadership today.

Every day we see more and more examples of women taking on workplace leadership roles. I use the term “workplace” because women have always been in leadership roles in many areas of their lives and the contributions made by women has been significant.

As we experience more women leading organizations (including their own) they often introduce some key leadership skills needed in today’s corporate environment.

It is no great secret that men and women are different and therefore the characteristics that make up each gender provide opportunities for us to grow and learn from one another.

While the same may not be true for every woman, I find it interesting that many of the qualities women tend to naturally possess are those closely aligned with the very qualities Millennials are requesting be adopted in the workplace.  

For example, women are often driven by passion and purpose which supports one of the primary needs of this Millennial workforce. Additionally, strong interpersonal skills such as empathy, flexibility and sociability are present in great leaders of any gender.

Women often utilize their support system to broaden their perspective and understanding.  As a leadership quality, this translates in the workplace as an interest and willingness in hearing all points of view, then making the best possible decision. Women also tend to be inclusive and collaborative which provides the foundation for them to easily create a “team” leadership style. They seem to naturally practice “active listening”, also a primary trait of effective leaders. Active listening requires not just listening to form an answer, but really listening, learning, reflecting, what has been communicated.

I continue to be thrilled as I witness more women growing into leadership roles. Men and women in the workforce have the opportunity to learn from one another. I believe that if we embrace this opportunity we will significantly alter the corporate landscape in a way that supports the success of every individual worker!  

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Authors Note: We will be taking next week off from our Wednesday Workouts to spend time with our families. I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. I am beyond thankful for you!