Millennials in the Workforce

Happy post-election day!

This week we will take another look at Millennials in the workforce.

There is so much content being published about this Millennial generation and their effect on the workforce. I believe one of the reasons for the focus on this particular group is that what they are seeking is so very different from previous generations. While I often hear negative speak related to Millennials, I think it human nature (unfortunately) to find something wrong with those who are forcing change.

While there are always exceptions to sweeping generalities on any topic, I find Millennials to be interesting and intelligent. With the proper training, coaching and mentoring, this generation is extremely capable of being very effective leaders.

One of the significant contributions I think Millennials are currently making to the workforce is their desire to work for and with an organization that has a positive purpose. In addition, they themselves are looking for jobs that have meaning beyond just a paycheck.

Millennials are interested in work/life balance and seek positions that will offer them that option. One of the reasons I have focused my business on Millennials as “Emerging Leaders” is because I find that they naturally embrace some of the inherent characteristics and aspects of effective leaders.

Like great leaders they are interested in the “other” and supporting the success of all not just a few. Again, like good leaders they are extremely interested in collaboration and team vs. me and mine.

Their openness, curiosity, and passion for learning are also traits found in effective leaders. I welcome this generation and all of the positive impact they are having and will continue to have on our workforce.