What Do Trees and Effective Leaders Have in Common?

Today we are going to discuss the similarities between trees and effective leaders. I know it may seem like I am going out on a limb here, but stick with me ;-)

This morning, as I was taking my morning walk, I was struck at just how quickly the beautiful green trees had shed their leaves and now stood bare and brown.

The path I walked was completely covered with colorful leaves of every size. As I thought about natures perfection, I remembered that the very leaves that had fallen to the ground would provide the nutrients necessary for the tree’s own survival.

Much like the self-staining nature of trees, effective leaders understand that they too must adopt behaviors and practices that feed them. These practices are essential to the survival of their role as an effective leader.

Because humans are complex and multi-dimensional, self-sustaining practices must include all key areas of life including: mind, body, emotion and values. If leaders do not address each of these areas, they run the risk of causing a disruptive imbalance which usually has a negative impact that affects their ability to consciously lead others.

Much like trees, leaders who have cultivated the practice of self-nourishment are better able to share overflowing nutrients to others. However, when we are depleted, we have nothing to give and cannot operate as a servant leader.

This week take some time to notice how you currently engage in self-sustaining activities and where it might make sense to add some additional practices into your life.

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