How Training Transformed One Millennial Leader

In February, a small group of millennials from diverse business backgrounds came together in Austin, Texas, for my pilot LeaderShaping program. In the weeks that followed, I have stayed in touch with these leaders and followed their progress as they worked to implement what they learned in their companies.

One recent email reminded me once again why I love providing leadership training. The following testimonial is from David Lint, Chief Operating Officer of the Dryden Group:

I love my job. It has always been like my home away from home. Though I have taken on a senior leadership position and the company has grown tremendously, the last year hasn’t been the same. As a millennial leader with virtually no formal training, I’ve struggled to inspire, to create the family atmosphere that originally attracted me to the company, and to help everyone else grow as individuals and professionals.

“After taking the CLS course, my entire outlook has changed. I feel like I have direction again, along with a renewed sense of purpose. I got away from who I am and what I do best and focused on minute details rather than what really mattered: the people. We have since focused on team development and creating goals that everyone plays a role in achieving. In under two months since completing the program, we have improved in every aspect. There is still a long way to go to become great, but the implementation of learnings from the CLS course is central to getting there.

David’s frustration and his struggle to make an effective transition into his new leadership role is all too common. Young stars are recognized for their accomplishments with a promotion into management. But, with no guidance as to what it means to be a manager, they find themselves dictating assignments rather than inspiring ideas.

Great leaders know that they won’t be measured by what they can accomplish but by what they can inspire others to accomplish.

I’m excited that David discovered how to make that leap to next-level leadership at our February event, and I can’t wait to see where he goes from here.