Part II - The Servant Leader

I hope that you had some success this week in moving from self-criticism to self-assessment and found value in this exercise.

As part two (2) of our five-part weekly series, we are going to review the concepts surrounding a “servant leader.”

We often hear the term “servant leadership” as a type of leadership model but what does the term mean? Furthermore, how does one cultivate the skills necessary to adopt a servant leader mindset?

Don’t let the term “servant” imply to you that these leaders are weak or ineffective. If you study great leaders, you will understand that they embody the servant leader philosophy.

Servant leaders are not I-centric and therefore are not self-serving, self-promoting or self-perpetuating.

In a word, they are modest. For example, when someone praises them they tend to deflect praise to team members and colleagues. They understand that true sustainable success must be beneficial for everyone.  

In addition, these leaders are fiercely driven with an incorrigible desire and need to produce results. Their focus can remain on how to achieve results because they do not spend unnecessary time and energy on self-promotion.

Acting as a servant leader is not always easy in a corporate hierarchal environment. Often, we feel that there is pressure to “be seen” or get lost in the crowd and perhaps even miss out on a promotion. It may feel counterintuitive to adopt the mindset of the servant leader.

I assure you that when you operate as a servant leader, you become highly effective and can support those around you in producing tremendous results. Results speak for themselves and you will be noticed!

This week think about acting as a servant leader.  Consciously think about how you can better serve your teams, employees, peers and the organization.

If you tend to take the credit, this week practice deflecting the praise to everyone who was involved in the success. Fear is usually the driver for needing all the credit and may surface as a result of your new behavior. That is fine, just notice it and then let it go.

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