Establishing Yourself as a Leader

Author’s Note: This past week has been difficult for many in North and South Carolina. I am fortunate that hurricane “Florence” was less severe in my area than in many other parts of the state. Our thoughts  and prayers go out to those who have been adversely affected by this hurricane.

I hope that over this past week you have gained a new perspective regarding the role of adversity in your life.

Today we conclude our five-part series on becoming an effective leader as we discuss how great leaders are self-appointed.

Typically, when we think of “leaders” we think of business leaders or political leaders who are appointed by others. The fact is that great leaders are self-appointed and do not rely on anyone else to designate them as a leader.

Leadership is critical in every area of our society including, families, communities, nonprofits, churches, schools as well as in business and politics. It is not necessary for you to obtain the title of leader before adopting the behaviors of one. I often think most of the population waits for someone else to grant them permission to become a leader, before they believe in themselves enough to engage in this roll effectively.

Leadership can be self-appointed without the need for a formal title of designation. By adopting and implementing effective leadership qualities (see our previous blogs on these topics listed below), you will improve outcomes in every area of your life. Even if you don’t currently “feel” like a leader, you can make the decision to practice until the feeling becomes real. This is the perfect opportunity to “fake it ‘till you make it.”

My hope is that over these past five weeks you have learned some valuable ways in which you can to develop effective leadership skills. In conclusion of this series we have covered the following leadership qualities:

1.       Self-assessment vs. self-criticism
2.      Adopting a “Servant Leader” Mindset
3.      Actor vs. Reactor
4.      Learning to Embrace Adversity
5.      Establish Yourself as a Leader

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