The Conscious Leader

I hope you all were successful at implementing the five leadership strategies outlined during our last series, Becoming an Effective Leader.

Today I would like to discuss what it means to be a Conscious Leader.

Recently, I have noticed the increase in the word “conscious” as it relates to leadership. I am personally thrilled as I am a firm believer that this element has been missing from leadership development for some time now.

When we talk about a “conscious leader” we are talking about a person who is keenly aware of the impact they have not only to the bottom line revenue but also to the dynamic of the entire organization and its employees. This holds true for every person in a leadership role throughout an organization.

When leaders behave in a manner that is reactive, critical and self-serving it allows others to mimic the same behavior. It is not effective to behave in one way and then to expect your subordinates to behave differently.

This is not only true as it relates to behavior of leaders but also to the decisions they make. In studying great leaders is became evident to me that they put the needs of the employees and the overall needs of the organization above their own. They were conscious and understood that what served the greater good was ultimately the best for the sum of its parts.

I believe that the current focus on “conscious leadership” results from the recent reports which measure employee engagement and lack of faith in organizational leadership. Gallup’s 2017 poll reports that approximately 70& of employees are disengaged at work. The data is staggering and disappointing.

To be a conscious leader is to behave in a deliberate manner to achieve deliberate results. It is more important than ever that we develop conscious leaders and that those leaders create conscious companies.

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