4 Leadership Tips Learned from Studying Geese

Yes, you read that headline correctly, geese. I know it seems odd, but I encourage you to take a gander at the list below (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun 😊)

  1. The reason that geese honk at one another is to encourage those in front of them to keep up the speed. (Encouraging others)

  2. They are constantly empowering one another. When the goose who is leading the pack gets tired, he’s moves to the back and the next one takes over. (Empowering others to lead)

  3. The reason why geese fly in the notable “V” formation is that the flapping of the wings in this arrangement creates uplift and minimizes the air friction for those that follow. (Collaboration)

  4. The V formation also allows geese to fly 70% longer ranges than they could if they were individually flying. (Team work makes the dream work, people!)