New Year, New Format

I am delighted to offer you, once again, the Weekly Workout Wednesday! Sorry for the mini hiatus while we took a step back to restrategize and rethink our approach. We thought you wouldn’t notice, but nothing seems to get past this crowd! 😉  We have decided to change the format just a bit, while still delivering a valuable impact to your ever-growing leadership skills.

We fully understand and appreciate how hectic your day-to-day can be, so as we embark upon the new year, Workout Wednesdays will be a short, summarized tip that you can immediately apply to your daily lives. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, we’ll be working on more video content (insert happy dance here) to better engage with you.

If you haven’t seen it yet, please check out the discussion we had at the Rotary Club of Raleigh. In case you’ve ever wondered, we start by listing the 5 ways effective leaders are like geese (who knew!)

Ok, ok – now let’s get the point. I did say I was going to make these shorter, didn’t I? This week’s tip will focus on one of the most potent “self-sabotaging” practices – the continuous internal dialog of what we should do. “Shoulding” ourselves is a waste of time and completely depletes our energy and focus. Effective leaders either complete the task, prioritize other tasks or delegate the tasks. They do not play the mental mind game of “should.”

This week observe how often you tell yourself you “should.” Do these messages empower or deplete you? What might be some other options?

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