Creating a Vision

Last week we discussed the importance of developing leadership “soft skills” and more specifically skills such as the ability to inspire , create a vision, be decisive, and generate passion. This week we review “creating a vision” for your employees.  

What is a vision? As defined by Merriam Webster: A thought, concept, or object formed by the imagination. The ability to create a vision starts by defining the following:

1) Destination: Where are we going?
2) Purpose: Why are we in business?
3) Values: What principles guide our decisions and actions?


Establishing and communicating a desirable “future state” is very important when asking others to follow you as a leader. It is important that employees can “see” in their imagination where “we” are going. Forming a vision for others removes the insecurity and hesitancy that often comes from not knowing the objective. There is a higher level of commitment when employees appreciate expectations and can align with the destination.


Understanding “why?” Why are we doing this? Why are we in business? Who benefits?


Values are standards of behavior that provide guidelines for our choices and actions. How do we intend to operate daily as we pursue our vision?

Establishing values can aid in the reduction of employee turnover.  By understanding the company values, potential employees are able to determine a if they are able to align and operate within the defined values.