The Power of Passion

This week we wrap up our four part series on developing leadership soft skills as we review “generating passion” as an important leadership quality.  

What is passion? One of the definitions, as defined by Merriam Webster, includes: Intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction.

There is a powerful synergism in the relationship between vision and passion. Leaders generate passion within themselves, their teams, and organizations when they have a strong conviction, for even a single task, if they understand how it relates to the overall vision and mission of the organization.

When leaders are dedicated to the vision of the organization, they are better able to maintain a feeling of passion even when the daily events might be challenging. The vision reminds leaders where they are headed and why, while the passion provides the drive to get there.

Leaders who understand and embrace the importance of passion are more effective at empowering and engaging employees. These leaders create an environment where employees are energized and often mimic the same level of conviction to meet the overall objectives.

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