Developing Leadership "Soft Skills"

The LinkedIn 2018 report finds that one of the four most important areas for “soft skill” needs includes leadership.

Soft skills are those skill that cannot necessarily be “taught” but instead must be identified, developed, and cultivated over time. These include: ability to inspire, create vision, ability to be decisive, and generate passion. Over the next four weeks we will explore the meaning of these soft skills and how to begin the process of cultivation.

This week we look at “the ability to inspire” as a necessary quality of effective leaders. What does it mean to inspire? One of the definitions as defined by Merriam Webster includes:

·         To exert an animating, enlivening, or exalting influence on.

While cultivating and developing soft skills is a process and occurs over time, we can initiate that process by becoming more intentional in our day to day interactions. The ability to inspire others begins with:

1.      Actively listening

2.      Leading by example

3.      Genuine interest in the well being of others

4.      Cultivating compassion

A great place to start is by asking yourself what blocks or stands in the way of your ability embody these qualities?