Closing the Gap Between CEOs and Millennial Leaders

I read a report recently outlining how CEOs and Millennial leaders differ on the priority of future leadership skills. This validates my own experience with CEO’s and Millennial leaders.

The top three leadership skills identified by each group were as follows:

CEO                                                   Millennial Leader

1.      Critical Thinking                         Leadership impact

2.      Stakeholder Management     Interpersonal skills

3.      Leadership Impact                    Global/Cultural acumen

While each group agreed that all of these leadership characteristics were necessary it was the order of importance that conflicted.

Differences always provide at least two (probably many more) opportunities. In this case there is the opportunity to widen the already existing gap between generations OR find ways to decrease that gap.

I am of the opinion that decreasing the gap is a better solution for everyone. CEO’s and Millennial Leaders must openly dialog with each other about their prospective and expectations related to this subject.

Conversations based upon curiosity are much more inclined to inspire a thirst for understanding the “other” and a speedier resolution.

Effective leaders recognize that their success includes finding innovative solutions that support a “win-win” for everyone and the organization.

If your organization leaders are not currently engaged in open discussions about this topic, I highly recommend that you begin taking steps to facilitate these conversations.

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