Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

One of the questions I am asked repeatedly is “how do we attract and retain top talent?”

Because the Millennial generation is the largest generation joining the workforce the real question becomes, “how do we attract and retain top Millennial talent?”

Fortune magazine complied a list of the top 100 companies for Millennials to work. The company “Great Place to Work” surveyed over 398,000 Millennials in an effort to understand what made these companies attractive to Millennials.

Some of the metrics used in defining great workplaces for Millennials included:

  • Manager’s competence

  • Respect and fairness in the workplace

  • Opportunities for meaningful work

  • Great colleagues

In my own experience working with Millennials, the topic of manager or leader competence and ethics continues to be one of the top three priorities in determining where they will work and how long they will stay.

If organizations are not assessing and, in many cases, improving upon these items, they will not be in a position to attract and retain today’s talent.

Christine Rosier, The “Millennial LeaderShaping Coach”

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