The Misunderstood Millennial

I believe that the millennial generation is in many ways completely misunderstood. Human nature tends to often make wrong that which is different or that which we do not understand. To that end, the needs of this generation are certainly unlike what we have experienced in the past.

The one description I frequently hear regarding Millennials is that they feel themselves to be “entitled.”

I have led large numbers of Millennials in a corporate environment for over ten years and have not experienced the characteristic of “entitlement.” What I have experienced, however, is a desire and perhaps even an expectation for rapid career advancement.

During the pre-Millennial era it was believed that career advancement should often be based upon “time served”. While it is true that Millennials are interested in rapid career development, they are equally interested in continuous learning, mentorship, and coaching.

Millennials are eager to continue expanding their skills and amass knowledge, holding intellectual stimulation as a top factor in workplace motivation.

Great leaders are those who thirst for knowledge and can easily adapt to change. Millennials naturally display both of these characteristics. Surveys suggest that one in four millennials are interested in developing leadership skills and moving into leadership roles.

By shifting perspective from labeling to curiosity, organizations and leaders will be better prepared to uncover innovative ways to compromise and meet the needs of the organization and this generation as they create new and exciting changes in the workplace.

The “Millennial LeaderShaping Coach”

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