Work Life Balance

One of the changes that Millennials strive for in the workplace is the concept of “work life balance.” Fortunately, studies reinforce the benefits of this approach.

While there are numerous ways to define work life balance, the following are some of the most requested options including:

  • Flexible hours

  • Telecommuting

  • Day care privileges

  • Alternative work schedules

It can be a challenge for those who are not part of the Millennial generation to shift from a belief in rigid schedules and working in an office, to exploring new approaches. Research continues to uncover the many benefits to organizations who have adopted a culture of work life balance including:

  • Increased employee productivity

  • Reduced turnover

  • Increased time management skills

  • Reduced stress/reduces illness

If organizations and their leaders are not embracing the concept of work life balance they could very well be missing out on attracting top talent and increased productivity.

The “Millennial LeaderShaping Coach”

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