Conversational Responsibility

Great leaders understand that effective communication includes much more than the words that are being spoken. For example, I am sure we have all heard how body language plays an important role in communication.

There are a number of other factors related to effective communication including:

  • Tone

  • Judgement

  • Attitude/Mood

While we are not responsible for how the receiver hears our message, we can take responsibility for how the message is being delivered.

If we have already passed judgement and more importantly are thinking critical thoughts about the other person, we create an impediment even when the words are appropriate. When there is negative energy behind the message the receiver will often times be unable to actually absorb the information.

Effective leaders are able to “self-regulate” as they realize that communication during times when they are experiencing disruptive emotions will not yield positive results. Instead these leaders have methods for “regulating” these emotions. Once they have addressed the emotional aspect, they are better able to behave in a manner aligned with long term goals.

This week practice communicating in a more conscious manner especially in those more difficult situations.