Self Leadership

Great leaders understand that their success in leading others is dependent up their ability to lead themselves. This week I would like to share a personal experience in hopes that it might better illustrate this point.

Last year, I decided to write an eBook. While I have no illusions of being a literary genius, writing and self-publishing allowed me to achieve one of my goals. The purpose was actually twofold. Write an eBook and step through the self-publishing process to gain a better understanding for a future project.

Once published, many supported my efforts and wrote some kind reviews. I thought no more about it and moved on. The book hides away amongst the trillions of books available on Amazon and that is perfectly fine with me.

Yesterday, someone asked that I send her a link to the eBook. As I accessed the book on Amazon, I noticed that there was a new comment. As I opened the comment, I noticed it only had two stars.

As I read the text, it was as if I were being stabbed in the heart. I felt myself sliding into the abyss of self-doubt and self-criticism. Once I caught my breath, I realized I was descending and I thought…wait… I have a choice!

To help pull myself back I asked this question…what is the gift in this experience? I kept asking until the answer surfaced. The gift was that I no longer had to wait and wonder when the first less than wonderful review would appear. Here it was for all the world to see and I was okay.

Next, I reminded myself the reasons I wrote the book. Did I accomplish my goals? Yes!  Did I write the book in an attempt to seek approval from others? No!

Effective leaders recognize that seeking approval from others is a very disempowering way to live. Self-approval is an essential characteristic found in great leaders and is absolutely necessary to effectively lead others.

Signed, the “Millennial LeaderShaping Coach”

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