Leadership Agility

I have read a number of articles lately regarding the importance of “agility” in leaders and leadership style. Agility is the ability to respond quickly to environmental changes when necessary, instead of  adhering to strict processes or procedures.

One of the most important findings about successful leaders is their ability to be very timely in decision making, problem solving, removing roadblocks, and battling the domination of the urgent.

When an organization is agile, changes do not stress people or the system because everyone understands that this is a normal way of working.

Agile work cultures are flexible in almost every way. When an issue arises, they approach it from the perspective that there isn’t just one way to resolve the issue, and no one person is responsible for resolution. The team in collaboration works together to find the best possible solution. Agile cultures nurture creativity and innovation.

Millennials have grown up in a world of accelerated change at every level. The speed of change has forced this generation to embrace and develop the characteristic of agility.

As Millennial’s continue moving into leadership roles, they bring with them the essential characteristic of “agility.” Companies will need to further develop and cultivate this characteristic to meet the unique needs of the organization. 

The “Millennial LeaderShaping Coach”