LeaderShaping goes much deeper than topics.  You know the ones: Time Management, Running Effective Meetings, Delegating Appropriately, etc. At the Center for LeaderShaping, we understand that true leadership skills need to be developed and cultivated. We help to identify the characteristics of a good leader; and then we work with your team to develop those characteristics overtime. Effective leaders yield happier employees and greater retention.

Could your organization benefit from purpose driven leaders?

  • Adoption of Self-Awareness
  • Relational Building Skill
  • Cultivation of Drive and Determination
  • Greater Confidence
  • Nurturing Positivity
  • Practicing Flexibility
  • Promoting Innovation
  • Establishing a Goal-Oriented Vision  


⬇ Download a copy of the LeaderShaping Agenda


LeaderShaping consists of approximately 30% lecture and 70% exercises which lead participants through an in-depth understanding of self, organizational culture and team dynamics. This isn’t your typical training class or event. It is a developmental process. Initially, attendees will establish the “current state of affairs” as we work through exercises designed to assist in diagnosing existing behaviors or leadership and management methods. Once identified, the CLS team will guide participants through transformational exercises designed to develop and maintain effective leadership skills, including:

  • Motivating
  • Decision Quotient: How you approach and make decisions
  • In and out of power behaviors
  • Your “Secret Sauce”
  • Polarities and their effect on leading others
  • Listening vs. hearing skills
  • Addressing individual employee needs
  • Understanding team dynamics

All attendees who complete the LeaderShaping program, will become an elite member of the CLS alumni group. Under the guidance of CLS Founder, Christine Rosier, monthly alumni conference meetings provide the opportunity to discover real-world successes and challenges along with their solutions. This will help to further cultivate your leadership skills and the adoption of leadership characteristics.

Course Options

3-day Immersion Program

As we embark on this transformational process, the leadership center, held at Gathering Oaks Retreat in Waco, Texas, offers the ideal environment.  Chic, comfortable and private accommodations will be provided as well as delicious farm-to-table style meals.

*There is a minimum requirement of five employees to participate in the corporate LeaderShaping Immersion Program. Full capacity is approximately 15 attendees.

Local Program

We understand that the immersion experience may not be a feasible option for all organizations. As an alternative to the Leadership center, CLS offers a hybrid program which consists of both on-site learning one day each quarter and remote coaching over the course of 3 months. The program is taught in your local area.

*There is a program minimum of six employees with an approximate maximum of 15.

*Immersion Experience only. Final program dates are based on capacity and availability. Contact CLS to reserve your spot today!