Is team development the same as team-building?

Yes and no. Most people think of team-building as a physical activity such as ropes courses, etc. While we appreciate these programs, The Center for LeaderShaping Team Development Program focuses on building trusting, effective, dynamic teams who are fully engaged and committed to the overall needs of the team.


What is the ideal number of participants in the Center for LeaderShaping℠ programs?

Anywhere from six to fifteen participants. These participants can come from a single company or from multiple organizations.


Will leadership learning improve our employee retention?

We believe that our programs will improve employee retention and satisfaction. Many business leaders have asserted that people don't leave companies as often as they leave their bosses. By improving engagement, communication, and feedback, we can improve the positive connection between team members and leaders, thereby increasing job satisfaction and retention.


Why is experiential learning so critical to adult learning?

Research shows that adults learn best by experiencing a new concept and then putting that concept into practice in a hands-on method. The opportunity to practice newly learned techniques in the classroom reinforces learning, establishes great habits, and allows for growth.


Why is it important for leaders to participate in leadership development programs?

When leaders within an organization are engaged in consistent leadership development practices, the company is more aligned and better equipped to achieve individual and organizational goals.