The current workforce is changing drastically. With more flexible working hours, remote employees, multi-cultural teams and a whole new generation of managers taking the helm of organizational leadership, how can we better prepare ourselves to be effective in this environment? At the Center for LeaderShaping, we help to recognize the characteristics of a true leader; and then work with you to cultivate those skills over time. Being an effective and purpose driven leader is not a temporary 9-5 accomplishment, it is an art, and a state of being at your core. Purpose driven leaders are those who inspire employees to reach peak performance and provide an environment for personal and organizational growth.

Are you a purpose driven leader?

  • Confident and Self-Aware
  • Build Interpersonal Relationships
  • Nurture Positivity
  • Cultivate of Drive and Determination
  • Practice Flexibility
  • Promote Innovation
  • Establish a Goal-Oriented Vision


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The LeaderShaping Program isn’t an event or a typical training class with endless PowerPoint slides. CLS goes far beyond the traditional leadership topics. It is a developmental process in which our programs consist of roughly 70% labs, 30% lecture, and an ongoing network of peers to help further the adoption of skills learned.  All participants become a member of the elite CLS alumni group which includes monthly conference calls under the guidance of CLS Founder, Christine Rosier.

Initially, attendees will work through exercises designed to help diagnose management methods and existing behaviors to establish the “current state of affairs”. Once recognized, the CLS team will guide participants through a transformation to develop and maintain effective leadership skills. These skills include:

  • Meeting individual employee needs
  • Understanding of team dynamics
  • Motivating others
  • How you approach and make decisions
  • Power behaviors
  • Your “Secret Sauce”
  • Polarities and their effect on leading
  • Listening vs. hearing skills

Join CLS today for an in-depth understanding of self, team dynamics, and organizational culture.

Course Options

3-day Immersion Program

A transformation of self does not happen overnight but the Gathering Oaks Retreat in Waco, Texas is a great place to start. Over the course of three full days, as we embark on this developmental process, a beautiful location, private accommodations and delightful farm-to-table meals, will be provided. Check out our upcoming dates* for the LeaderShaping Immersion Program – seats are filling quickly!

*Final program dates are based on capacity and availability.

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Local Program

In addition to the immersion experience, the LeaderShaping program is offered locally to organizations interested in providing their employees with CLS training. This is a 3 month program that is hybrid of on-site learning as well as remote coaching.

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*Immersion Experience only. Final program dates are based on capacity and availability. Contact CLS to reserve your spot today!