At the Center for LeaderShaping (CLS), we specialize in developing emerging leaders for today’s diverse workforce and the workforce of the future.  Our program is dedicated to Millennials and members of Generation Z who wish to improve their management skills, gain confidence, accelerate their careers, and create an effective leadership style.

CLS offers both a 6-month or an accelerated LeaderShaping and Development program. Each month, participants will focus on one of the six key learnings [self-awareness, communication, cultivating relationships, team building, business acumen, and decisiveness]. The format consists of 1:1 development sessions with your certified leadership coach as well as group coaching, facilitated by CLS founder, Christine Rosier.


Our certified leadership and development coach helps you to recognizes the characteristics of a true leader; and then works with you to cultivate those skills over time. Being an effective and purpose driven leader is not a temporary 9-5 accomplishment, it is an art, and a state of being at your core. Conscious leaders are those who inspire employees to reach peak performance and provide an environment for personal and organizational growth.


Our Mission is to Create Conscious Leaders who:

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  • Adopt Self-Awareness

  • Display Relational Building Skill

  • Foster Drive and Determination

  • Achieve Confidence

  • Nurture Positivity

  • Cultivate Agility

  • Promote Innovation

  • Establish a Goal-Oriented Vision

3 out of 4 Millennials in the workforce believe that their employers could do more to develop future leaders
— Deloitte’s Millennial Survey

Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by the year 2025 [Deloitte]. In addition, a new generation is starting to emerge. The influence of Generation Z is expanding as they begin to enter the workforce. What was once described as the “future” is already upon us, and our organizations must be prepared to meet the challenges of this shifting environment. The Center for LeaderShaping offers programs that will transform the way you lead and operate within your teams as well as your entire organization.