Say goodbye to "business as usual." What was once described as the “future workforce” is already upon us, and our organizations need to be prepared to meet the challenges of this shifting environment.

The programs built by the Center for LeaderShaping are designed to support individuals, teams, and organizations with the practical knowledge and skills for implementing change, as well as creating an environment where current and future generations will contribute to business in a positive way.

CLS offers two programs for corporate training: LeaderShaping and Team Development. Courses are available in an offsite two- or three-day immersion experience, as well as a local 2 or 3-month program. The leadership center provides the perfect environment and is designed with beautiful, comfortable, and private accommodations with delicious farm-to-table meals. Alternatively, if your organization has at least six employees who will be attending, we will make arrangements for the program to be taught in your area in addition to remote coaching. This option minimizes travel costs and allows for a greater number of employees to participate in this transformational experience.

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Purpose Driven Cultures:

  • Embrace Diversity

  • Foster Team Development

  • Adopt Egalitarianism

  • Cultivate Engagement and Loyalty

  • Ensure Employees Understand Goals

  • Create Exceptional Work Environments

  • Support Continued Personal Growth

  • Develop World-Enhancing Products

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Purpose Driven Teams:

  • Embrace a Shared Purpose and Direction

  • Establish Motivating Goals

  • Commit to Individual and Team Roles

  • Engage in Multi-Directional Communication

  • Encourage Authority to Decide or Act

  • Nurture Diverse Talents

  • Foster Mutual Support and Trust

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Purpose Driven Leaders

  • Adopt Self-Awareness

  • Display Relational Building Skill

  • Cultivate Drive and Determination

  • Achieve Confidence

  • Nurture Positivity

  • Practice Flexibility

  • Promote Innovation

  • Establish a Goal-Oriented Vision

Companies with a focus on Purpose Driven Leadership outperformed the entire S&P 500 by 10x. (1996-2011)
— EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Conference in 2016

The needs of the workforce are changing. Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by the year 2025 [source: Deloitte]. Furthermore, 3 out of 4 Millennials in the workforce believe that their employers could do more to develop future leaders [source: Deloitte’s Millennial Survey].

What does this mean to you as a business? How do you prepare and adapt to accommodate the needs of this and future generations? What are these needs?

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