Perhaps you have experienced leadership training that includes several days of lectures along with a “few” PowerPoint slides. Attendees are expected to implement new ideas and concepts without a thorough understanding of how to do so. We believe that change occurs when approached holistically. At The Center for LeaderShaping, we approach training primarily utilizing the experiential learning method.

Experiential learning is defined as "learning through reflection on doing" and is distinct from rote or didactic learning, in which the participant plays a comparatively passive role. Experiential learning is highly effective, and the Center for LeaderShaping’s transformational exercises are designed to develop and maintain effective leadership skills. Our programs include approximately 30% lecture and 70% workshops.

Leadership Training Program Comparison

Course Options

CLS specializes in developing leaders for the future. Millennials are now stepping into leadership roles within a more complex work environment than ever before. Effectively managing multi-cultural and multi-generational teams, as well as remote employees, is somewhat of an uncharted territory. The Center for LeaderShaping offers programs that will transform the way you lead and operate within your teams as well as your entire organization.


While attending the LeaderShaping program, you will learn how to establish and cultivate both loyalty and trust—two key ingredients for successful leadership. In addition, through a series of experiential exercises, participants will learn and develop the behaviors necessary to becoming an effective leader.

Corporate LeaderShaping Program 
Independent LeaderShaping Program

Team Development

Participants will learn to identify the mechanisms by which they and their coworkers, teams, management, etc. currently make decisions. Once the decision-making process is identified and understood, The Center for LeaderShaping team will guide participants through transformational exercises designed to develop effective and empowered decision-making.

Corporate Team Development Program

The Experience

CLS Programs are offered in two distinct formats. An immersion experience, which takes place offsite over the course of two or three days; as well as 2 or 3-month local program with several in person meetings as well as remote coaching with CLS Founder, Christine Rosier.

Immersion Experience

By immersing learners in an environment where they can collaborate with others who are also in the process of developing leadership skills, the leadership center provides the perfect environment as we embark on this transformational process.  At Gathering Oaks Retreat in Waco, Texas, CLS participants are met with comfortable, elegant, and private accommodations with wonderful farm-to-table meals, free-time and evening events.

Local Programs

For those not able to attend the center, we offer a secondary option. If your organization has between six to 15 employees interested in attending, CLS will make arrangements for the program to be taught in your area with a mix of remote coaching and in-person learning sessions. 

The Alumni Network

Once you have completed CLS coursework, there will not be a traditional graduation. LeaderShaping is a process and the ongoing adoption of the leadership mindset is encouraged. CLS offers continuous learning through peer-to-peer networking events. This is a monthly conference call available to everyone who has completed either program, led by CLS founder, Christine Rosier. The value of this complimentary benefit is immeasurable. Individuals within the group are sharing their successes, real-world challenges, etc., and together they are using the tools and skills learned though the program.

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