Additional Services

In addition to our Leadership Training and Team Development Programs, CLS founder, Christine Rosier, is available for the following services:


Leadership Coaching

Unlocking the keys to professional success and personal growth, CLS offers leadership coaching services for Millennials.

Personal coaching from the Center for Leadershaping is dedicated to those who wish to accelerate their careers, improve their management skills, gain confidence and create an effective leadership style.

Meet your coach, Christine Rosier (ICF Certified)


Public Speaking

Center for LeaderShaping’s founder, Christine Rosier, is a member of the National Speakers Association. Christine’s messages include various topics such as, Millennials and Beyond, Effective Leadership, Team Development, Women’s Empowerment, Communicating, Motivating and Managing, Reducing Turnover, and Increasing Employee Engagement.

Available for both domestic and international speaking engagements, contact for rates and availability.



Group facilitation conducted by the Center for LeaderShaping brings participants on a journey of meaningful dialogue resulting in problem solving, conflict resolution, decision making, process creation, strategic planning and team development.

With a method that fosters creativity and broadens perspectives, Group Facilitation will result in clear ideas and conclusions as well as an action plan for effectively operating on your own in the future.