Gain an in-depth understanding of self, team dynamics, and organizational culture.

Research has shown that effective teams drive individual accountability, foster innovation, maximize the strengths of each member, and aid in overcoming obstacles. Participants of the CLS Team Development Program will learn how to build and maintain trust, which are two essential elements related to highly effective, functional teams.

As part of The Center for LeaderShaping experience, participants will practice the skills necessary in motivating people to higher performance levels and to lead others in using their creativity to drive innovation. Programs provided by The Center for LeaderShaping are approximately 30% lecture and 70% exercise labs. Skills and tools are cultivated through experiential, hands-on learning, which has proven to be the most effective learning style.

Uncover what motivates individuals, groups, and organizations.


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Could your organization benefit from purpose driven teams?

  • Embrace a Shared Purpose and Direction
  • Establish Motivating Goals
  • Commit to Individual and Team Roles
  • Engage in Multi-Directional Communication
  • Encourage Authority to Decide or Act
  • Nurture Diverse Talents
  • Foster Mutual Support and Trust

Participants of the Team Development Program will learn to identify the mechanisms by which both, they, and their coworkers, management, etc. currently make decisions. Once the decision-making process is identified and understood, The Center for LeaderShaping team will guide participants through transformational exercises designed to develop effective and empowered decision-making.

Focus areas include how to build effective, high-performing teams and how to lead departmental as well as organizational change through:

  • Creating trust and connection
  • Developing fully engaged teams
  • Understanding conflict
  • Resolving conflict
  • Effective communication
  • Power and authenticity
  • Establishing team commitment

Once the program has been completed, the team will gain access to continuous peer–to-peer learning conducted as a monthly conference call, under the guidance of CLS Founder, Christine Rosier. During these sessions, teams will have the opportunity to learn and share their experiences, successes, and challenges and how they applied the skills learned in this program. This access to ongoing learning will allow you to continuously develop your team skills. As you become more effective in your individual roles within the organization, you can expect greater productivity and happier, more engaged team members.

Course Options

3-day Immersion Program

The Center for LeaderShaping offers the ideal environment for its Team Development Program. Over the course of two full days, this transformational process begins at Gathering Oaks Retreat in Waco, Texas.  Private accommodations, as well as delicious farm-to-table style meals, are provided.

*There is a minimum requirement of five employees to participate in the corporate Team Development Immersion Program. Full capacity is approximately 15 attendees.

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Local Program

We understand that for some organizations it may be difficult to take an entire team offsite. To this end, CLS also offers a local two-month program which includes a 1-day offsite commitment per quarter (in your area) for two consecutive quarters. Additionally, coaching and mentoring via teleconference is included for the duration of the two months. These teleconference sessions, held throughout each quarter, will focus on the skills learned as part of the one-day offsite session.

*There is a program minimum of six employees with an approximate maximum of 15.

*Immersion Experience only. Final program dates are based on capacity and availability. Contact CLS to reserve your spot today!