Team Development Program

“I love my job. It has always been like my home away from home. Though I have taken on a senior leadership position and the company has grown tremendously, the last year hasn’t been the same. As a millennial leader with virtually no formal training, I’ve struggled to inspire, to create the family atmosphere that originally attracted me to the company, and to help everyone else grow as individuals and professionals.

After taking the CLS course, my entire outlook has changed. I feel like I have direction again, along with a renewed sense of purpose. I got away from who I am and what I do best and focused on minute details rather than what really mattered: the people. We have since focused on team development and creating goals that everyone plays a role in achieving. In under two months since completing the program, we have improved in every aspect. There is still a long way to go to become great, but the implementation of learnings from the CLS course is central to getting there.”
— Chief Operating Officer, Dryden Group

LeaderShaping Program

“I cannot say enough good things about this program. I found the curriculum and program to be a truly transformative experience. What I’ve learned from LeaderShaping will help me throughout my career and my life. My experience felt not like a classroom or lecture, but at times more of a collaboration or workshop. We worked together through material on leadership, personality, shaping a team, shaping our why/how/what, and active listening, just to name a few topics. Through a mix of lecture, individual exercises, group work, and peer feedback we not only came to understand the material but to immerse ourselves in it and begin the process of applying it to our own lives and work. I found the exercises to be the most beneficial. Much like the difference between reading a book on yoga and working with a trained professional in a class, I found that many techniques, such as active listening, which I thought I understood, I had only begun to learn.”
— Project Manager & Millennial, Billtrust
“My experience at the Center for Leadershaping was very introspective and positive. The location encouraged an open and frank discussion, which I appreciated as part of the millennial generation, who like to get to the point. I am still unpacking some of the concepts and having a regular follow up touch-point with my fellow participants keeps the retreat relevant in my life. I strongly recommend the program for the leadership of growing start-ups, as well as teams of millennials at more established organizations.”
— Director, Sales Engineering & Millennial