The Center for LeaderShaping specializes in developing  effective leaders and teams for today’s diverse workforce and the workforce of the future. Through our expertise, CLS is uniquely positioned to serve:


MILLENNIALS (1981-1996)

Our passion is in developing emerging leaders.  We believe that Millennials are more naturally aligned with many of the qualities of great leaders than previous generations. The willingness and openness of this generation is delightful, encouraging and refreshing.

Millennials are ascending into leadership roles. In fact, 20% of them are currently in a leadership position…are they prepared? Will they have the skills needed to develop and retain top talent? The Center for LeaderShaping will provide Millennials with direction on how to become an effective leader, coach and mentor.

Generation Z (1997-2012)

Gen Z is latest generation to enter to workforce. While their influence in the workplace has largely yet to be seen, early evidence shows that these digital natives aspire to be leaders. Generation Z is the most diverse generation in history with the most entrepreneurial spirit.

The workforce is always changing. The Center for LeaderShaping commits itself to the study of each generation’s unique characteristics and how they align with the qualities of an effective leader.