The Center for LeaderShaping specializes in developing  effective leaders and teams for today’s diverse workforce and the workforce of the future. Through our expertise, CLS is uniquely positioned to serve:



First and foremost, our passion is in developing Millennial Leaders.  We believe that Millennials are more naturally aligned with many of the qualities of great leaders than previous generations. The willingness and openness of this generation is delightful, encouraging and refreshing.

Millennials are ascending into leadership roles. In fact, 20% of them are currently in a leadership position…are they prepared? Will they have the skills needed to develop and retain top talent? The Center for LeaderShaping will provide Millennials with direction on how to become an effective leader, coach and mentor.


Leaders are currently facing the challenge of managing several generations including, the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. Conflicting workplace views and expectations are often prominent among this mixed group, as well as a difference in communication styles and technological preferences.  The Center for LeaderShaping will show participants how to leverage this diverse set of skills and well as the opportunity for inter-team mentoring.



People from diverse cultures may be less likely to voices their opinions. When managing a team that is multi-cultural, it is important to develop an inclusive atmosphere. Cultural differences can create conflicting workplace views and expectations, as well as communication challenges.  At the Center for LeaderShaping, we focus on cultural perspectives that inspire creativity and drive innovation. Drawing from a culturally diverse talent pool allows an organization to attract and retain the best talent. Additionally, we will show how diverse teams provide a greater opportunity for personal and professional growth.



With the ease of technology and expansive communication platforms, working remotely has increased significantly. Both large and small companies alike are following this trend and reaping the benefits of lower office costs, a broader talent pool, and improving employee retention. However, this comes with its own unique challenges of ineffective collaboration, feelings of isolation, and staying motivated with distractions at home.  The Center for LeaderShaping helps attendees make the shift from manager to leader within any team and ensures current and future leaders have the qualities and skills necessary to lead today’s complex workforce!